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Supporting Collaborative Research for Life Science and Health care Innovation Initiatives Worldwide

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Monarch Innovation Partners is a cutting edge, multi-disciplinary consulting practice that provides proven market and business intelligence and product development consultation for emerging technology solutions, and enterprise-level implementation strategies for:

  • Local, Regional and Multi-National Research Teams

  • Public-Private Sector Partnerships

  • Healthcare Delivery Networks

  • Health Insurance Payers

  • Open Science Communities

  • Government Health Care Agencies

  • Pharma, Medical Device and Biotechnology Firms

Where Vision Takes Flight


Innovators of Ground-Breaking Solutions for Health care and Life Science Collaborative Partnerships

 Technology Platform Development

Enterprise IT Architecture Consulting and Training

IT Product, Program and Project Management

Emerging Technology Research & Development

Our Global Health Innovation Framework

Download our peer-reviewed research paper from the Journal of Nanobiomedicine regarding Project Orchid, to learn about our global health innovation framework.

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Our Project Orchid Concept Model was inspired by the collaborative research partnerships that Monarch has established with some of the leading health care and life science organizations in the world. 

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Project Orchid Logo.PNG

Providing the Foundation for Sustainable Innovation and Data Collection Across Diverse Technology Platforms

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Project Orchid is our Conceptual Framework and Platform that supports your Collaboration Business Model for:


  • Sustainable Innovation and Data Exchange Efforts

  • Expansion of Knowledge Management Initiatives

  • Standardization of Protocol & Workflow Adoption Across Key Stakeholders

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