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Our firm is designed to serve health and life science organizations that support clinical innovation which optimizes delivery of care for better health outcomes for their communities at large.



Founded in 2013, Monarch Innovation Partners is a cutting edge, multi-disciplinary consulting practice that provides proven market and business intelligence and product development consultation for emerging technology solutions and enterprise-level implementation strategies for the following business domains:


  • Healthcare Delivery System Technology Platforms

  • Enterprise IT Architecture Consulting and Training

  • IT Product, Program and Project Management

  • Research and Development of Emerging Technology Platforms

We have a progressive vision to provide impactful consulting services that are game-changers in healthcare and life science innovation:

  • To pioneer the development and advancement of best-in-class delivery systems for U.S. based and international healthcare communities.

  • To pursue and develop collaborative partnerships in the private and public sector, that will spur new industries, medical technologies, and bodies of knowledge, that will enable the investors and consumers of the healthcare industry, to advance, market, and adopt timely healthcare solutions to the citizens of the world.​


About the Founder










As a healthcare and IT product and business development executive, Kimberly Harding has over 28 years of experience with acute and ambulatory care systems, telemedicine, radiology systems, computer system validation, Health Information Exchange networks, Health Insurance Exchange platforms, IT training, clinical quality outcome registries and clinical trial data management systems.


Ms. Harding's professional experience within the healthcare industry has granted her opportunities in both the private and public sector that span key domains within the acute and ambulatory care environment, health insurance, clinical trials, digital health, nanobiomedicine, and the pharmaceutical industry.  


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Kimberly Harding

Founder and President

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